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Assets such as property shares and cash representing the proceeds of crime and corruption are usually hidden under the cover of shell companies with nominee directors, offshore companies and corporate bank accounts to disguise the true ownership of the assets. As such it requires painstaking effort to trace the movement of funds from the source where they are taken to the assets into which they have been converted.

However with the aid of technology and forensic experts carrying out audit trails and working hand in hand with law enforcement agencies, the tracking and tracing of such funds can be done across different countries and jurisdictions. This type of work has become quite important and much sought after particularly in the context of the growth of anti money laundering legislation and regulations across the world.

Tracing stolen assets by itself would however be incomplete without the means to recover the assets once their location has been identified. Thus it is usually necessary to apply for injunctions to freeze the assets or the bank accounts containing the illicit funds to prevent their dissipation, and then recover and restore them to their lawful owners through legal proceedings. This is another area where our firm can offer its specialist service in drawing upon its extensive knowledge and skills to provide an efficient professional and time critical service.


Cross Border Commercial Agreements are essentially commercial agreements between parties in different countries.

These agreements in addition to setting out the legal rights and duties of the parties in a commercial context also have to deal with and resolve any conflict between the different laws and regulations in the countries in which the parties are based.

Most International Commercial agreements have overcome this obstacle by making provision for any dispute arising from the agreement to be governed by English law.

As English lawyers we are ideally placed to draft such agreements while at the same time having the expertise to advise on potential conflicts and disputes that could arise from them. The parties can therefore enter into the agreements with the peace of mind and confidence that they will be getting a comprehensive legal service which has taken account of not just the present but the future.


Corporate Immigration is a fast changing and complex area of UK law. Given the perceived need by the government to control the flow of migrants and more particularly economic migrants into the UK, there are political and economic undertones.

However with the recent changes in the employment landscape post-Brexit, UK employers are increasingly looking to corporate immigration to fulfil their employment needs with talented and highly skilled workers from non-EU countries.

In this regard, the UK Immigration points based system is the basic foundation of such recruitment and our Corporate Immigration Department is well versed and experienced in this area.

We are able to provide our considerable expertise and specialist Immigration knowledge, offering guidance on the recruitment of non-EU nationals to your workforce as well as making sure that your organisation complies with the rules for sponsorship licences which are mandatory before such nationals can apply for and obtain work visas to enter the UK.

Please contact us if you require our services in this area


The frontier markets of Sub Saharan Africa and in particular the economies and financial markets of Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast, are growing by leaps and bounds and are beginning to attract investment and private equity funds from the West.

These markets however have a reputation for being risky and lacking in transparency which has made a large number of potential investors wary of investing in them. Our firm can assist potential investor clients overcome this obstacle because we have lawyers who are quite familiar with the investment landscape in the region.

We also have an extensive network of legal, accounting and management professionals there who can be called upon at short notice to carry out thorough and extensive due diligence on target companies and promising sectors in these markets in collaboration with our firm. Thereafter detailed and comprehensive due diligence reports would be prepared in accordance with the clients instructions which would in turn provide them with a well informed perspective on the risk and reward profile of their intended investment.


Contentious litigation can be time consuming and a drain on your financial resources. It is also very distracting and can lead to unwanted negative publicity and loss of business goodwill even if you eventually win your case in court.

As such our firm believes that clients involved in international commercial disputes should only resort to expensive litigation as a last resort and should always give first consideration to Alternative Dispute Resolution and Arbitration.

We believe that this would enable clients to save precious time and money and get on with running their businesses without any needless and costly distraction.

Our firm’s highly experienced Arbitration team can assist clients to achieve these objectives using a professional approach tailored to the clients needs.